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Mindenhurst Update from Skanska

w/c 30th April


there are electrical outages on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd May which affects the Service families accommodation, Skanska project offices, cadet hut and the Museum

The spine road in both areas have made good progress

This week at the village green they are due to take delivery of the foot bridges, once onsite there will be lifted onto their foundation pads also The head wall outlets for the pond will also be lifted into place.

The boundary fence for the Mindenhurst school commences, once completed this will allow for the construction of the school to commence.

Drainage for parcel M has now commenced

The Brunswick road deep drainage work is ongoing and has progressed well, the work areas will move next week to allow for the next phase of works to start this will involve closing the junction at the southern fork of Brunswick road into Deepcut bridge road where the traffic will managed by temporary traffic lights.

The pump house south of Brunswick road is ongoing with the build-up of ground and kerb laying

Central SANGS and the SANGS car park is ongoing


W/C - 7th May

  • Brunswick road works ongoing with road closure and traffic management
  • SSE electrical works to frith Houses commences 8th May
  • Village green works ongoing
  • School boundary fence installation ongoing
  • Pump house ongoing
  • SANGS car park and central SANGS footpaths
  • Spine road ongoing
  • Parcel M drainage
  • Minden 2/9 substation works


W/C 14th May

  • Village green works ongoing
  • Spine road ongoing
  • School boundary fence
  • Parcel M drainage
  • Pump house
  • Brunswick road works
  • SANGS car park and footpaths
  • Minden 2/9 substation  preparation works


W/C 21st May


  • Brunswick road works
  • Spine road
  • School boundary fence
  • Minden 2/9 substation preparation works
  • Brunswick road
  • Parcel M drainage
  • Pump House
  • Village green

Stakeholders pre-meeting with Studio Hive held at the Garrison Hall on 23rd July 2015.

The night before the public consultation, selected stakeholders and

representatives of local groups were invited to a preview of the exhibition

and a pre-meeting.

This was a constructive meeting that allowed early access to the latest

thinking on the masterplan in advance of the public engagement on 24th

July 2015.

Paul Deach, before the Stakeholders pre-meeting, was invited to speak at

the 12th Sept DVC public consultation meeting, with a simple purpose - to

assist the DNF Committee to recruit more help, or alternatively, the

Neighbourhood Development Plan will not be able to be delivered.

Second consultation by Studio Hive held at the Deepcut Garrison Hall

on 24th July 2015.

Some of the earlier feedback appears to have been adopted into the

revised masterplan (i.e. reduced supermarket size and location), and many

of the same concerns still exist (i.e. Traffic, Deepcut Bridge).

The good news is that Studio Hive have been listening to feedback, and

are prepared to be flexible in parts, hence the changes adopted that have

already improved on the approved outline planning permission for PRB

(accepting that some things are fixed already and will not change such as

the number of dwellings).

Established contact for the DNF with Steve, the Army liaison point for

Studio Hive and invited him to attend meeting on 12th September at DVC.

Reminded James of the invite to Studio Hive and that they would get 15/20

mins to provide their update on how the wider Deepcut will be impacted by

the PRB. This session is not intended to focus on ‘inside the security

fence’, instead it is intended to focus on the wider impact across Deepcut.

Established contact for the DNF with David Turton the DIO project manager

on the PRB move to Worthy Down (both for Army leaving Deepcut and

move into Worthy Down) and invited him to attend meeting on 12th

September at DVC.

Both will be useful people to have in the crowd at the DNF consultation,

that will no doubt mingle with questions at this event.

Some Dettingen residents raised significant concerns at this consultation

event with their opposition to the position of the proposed primary school.

Recommendation was for a separate meeting to help resolve the matter by

engaging with local residents and listening to their concerns. Proposed a

meeting with a select group of representatives to help address their

concerns. This meeting idea went down well, and we are following up with

Studio Hive.

Discussions also progressed with Emma Reed, who is a qualified

landscape architect, and works for HML architects. She was helpful and

constructive. When DNF’s recent experiences with third party technical

consulting services for assessments were explained, she offered to speak

with us about the matter. DNF does not have the breadth of experience to

understand the implications and merits of one assessment against another,

and to be able to understand which should be our priority. Emma offered to

help where she could. This might lead to a further meeting, or perhaps

initially a call with select DNF committee members to improve


The time scales for the departure of the army appeared to have moved

again, perhaps 6 month earlier than previous (moved now to mid/late

2019). Obviously these dates are, and will remain, subject to change.

Throughout the consultation process, which was attended by over 200

people, many discussions took place with the experts present

(Skanska/Studio Hive/Army/DIO/…), and between members of the local

community learning from each other and sharing views.

All attendees, and all who were unable to attend, are encouraged to

document their feedback on the provided form before the 10th August



The feedback form and the exhibition boards (in two pdf’s) are available at

the following location:


or the DNF Facebook page:


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