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w/c 19th March


At the northern access roundabout Skanska have experienced some delay in the work due to the winter conditions.

On behalf of Surrey County Council, Skanska are to complete part of their remedial works to Deepcut Bridge Road at the southern end of the roundabout with a full road closure from 7th to 12thApril.


South East Water were due to commence installing the water main in Cyprus Road however couldn’t start as the low temperature will affect the integrity


The central SANGS footpaths are ongoing with the fill of the finish surface and root protection barriers are currently being installed.


SANGS Hut internal and external fit out is ongoing and due to complete w/c 26th March.

The setting out of the SANGS car park next to the SANGS Hut has commenced.


The pump house south of Brunswick Road have now moved onto the last valve pit before the foundations and the new foul pumping main excavation commences.


On the 23rd & 24th March Skanska is holding a public consultation at St Barbara’s church on Deepcut Bridge Road.

Times for the consultation are : 3pm to 8pm on 23rd April and 10am to 2pm on 24th April


The village green works, like all other works at Mindenhurst, have experienced delays due to the weather.


w/c 26th March

  • Brunswick road works to commence
  • Pump house construction to continue
  • Northern access roundabout ongoing
  • Village green ongoing
  • Japanese knotweed removal in royal way
  • Water main installation ongoing
  • SANGS Hut fit out to complete this week
  • SANGS car park ongoing
  • Central SANGS& root protection ongoing
  • Link road-Royal way surfacing


w/c 2nd April

  • Re lining car parking spaces at the Garrison church
  • Water outages for the Service families accommodation and Cadet Hut 4th April from mid-morning to late afternoon
  • Electrical outages planned for 6th April that affect the Service families accommodation
  • Village green ongoing
  • Water main installation ongoing
  • Northern access roundabout
  • Pump house construction continued
  • Brunswick road works ongoing
  • Spine road phase 4
  • Central SANGS footpaths & root protection ongoing
  • SANGS car park ongoing


w/c 9th April

  • Road repairs to Deepcut bridge road, southern end of the northern access roundabout
  • Spine road phase 4
  • Water main installation ongoing
  • Central SANGS & Root protection
  • Pump house construction continued
  • Village green ongoing
  • Brunswick road works ongoing
  • SANGS car park ongoing
  • Delivery of Bridges to the village green

Deepcut Construction Update



Residents will be pleased to learn that the application to build 12 houses in Bellew Road was rejected by the Surrey Heath Borough Council Planning Committee on Thursday 20th July.


It was reassuring to note that the councillors on the Planning Committee expressed their desire to maintain the green space around Bellew Road.


We would like to thank all of you who signed the petition organised by the Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum or wrote individual letters of objection. We are sure that this made a difference.

On Line Petition

Please take the time to click on the link below and sign our on line petition - thank you.


2017 AGM Minutes

AGM Minutes 2017.docx
Microsoft Word document [31.3 KB]


DNF SLIDES 2017.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [390.7 KB]

Landscape Character Assessment Toolkit

LCA Toolkit - PDF Version.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [449.5 KB]
LCA Toolkit - Word Version.docx
Microsoft Word document [91.8 KB]

Appeal for help in locating someone

Ken Cox is looking for a local man, Elgie or Elgy who was his best man at his wedding in the 1960’s.

Reply to:

Work to Date

The Forum has worked extremely hard over the last couple of years. It has had to:

  • establish itself with Surrey Heath Borough Council as a representative body for the purposes of developing a Neighbourhood Plan
  • get agreement on the specific area that constitutes the neighbourhood
  • secure funding to help with its purpose
  • holding public events for consultative purposes.


A Neighbourhood Plan proposes what can be permitted in the area but requires robust evidence to support such proposals; from professional studies, surveys and expert testimony on:

  • housing,
  • heritage
  • employment
  • landscape
  • environment
  • design and more


Proposals must be founded on consultation with local residents, employers and employees and regular visitors to shops and the rural areas such as the canal paths and woods within and around the village.


In order to fund the professional work needed, the Committee has had to secure some funding and continues to seek more; not an easy task. To date we have received 2 reports on Employment and Heritage &Character Assessment and are busy commissioning more.


Public consultation is a key element of the Neighbourhood Plan and we have held 2 public events as well as circulating individual consultation questionnaires at a variety of events including the one held by the developers of the Princess Royal Barracks site on 7th September 2016. The questionnaire is available on the Your Views page of this website.


We continue to work hard on all aspects of the plan but would welcome additional support, from individuals or organisations. Such support could be in dedicated time to assist on the committee, professional expertise or with some of the consultation work or through financial aid to help build up the funds necessary to complete the plan and prepare it for its public vote.


Do please get in touch if you feel you can help, we would love to hear from you:

As a service to interested Deepcut residents, and for their ease of reference, the following information is provided regarding a recent Consultative Meeting held relating to the development of the Princess Royal Barracks (PRB) site which is outside the Neighbourhood Forum’s Designated Area.

MINDENHURST (Princess Royal Barracks Site) UPDATE EVENT – 7 SEPTEMBER 2016

Studio-Hive, developers for Mindenhurst (Princess Royal Barracks site) held a public update event in the Spar Hall on 7 September 2016.

Maps of the latest site layout, schedule of works and explanatory boards on key elements of the site development along with staff responsible for various aspects of the development such as infrastructure and transport planning were present to answer queries.

The footfall over the 7 hours was approximately 150 attendees and many sought clarification from the development staff.

It is our understanding that the site layout map and planned schedule of works may be displayed in a public location for perusal by those unable to attend on the 7 th .

We noted that the primary school location is back to its original area and that work to

remove the Japanese Knotweed, some preparatory ground clearing has started and

commencement of constructing the Northern Access Roundabout by Newfoundland

Road/Blackdown Road will begin this autumn.

Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum (DNF) committee members were also present at the event.

Many visitors to the exhibition were kind enough to voice their preferences for a future Deepcut Village or took the questionnaire away to respond further at their leisure. Feedback from this event is shown on the Your Views page of this website.

Feedback Wanted

Please take a few minutes to look at our "Your Views" page where we have some questionnaires that we would like you to fill in. Your opinions and views are important to us and we are keen to hear them.

To go directly to the page please click the button below - thank you.

DNF AGM minutes

DNF MINUTES OF AGM HELD 20160329v2.docx
Microsoft Word document [20.2 KB]

Deepcut Village needs YOU!

First DNF Community Meeting

Michael Gove, MP, joined  committee members of the DNF at the first public meeting with residents and companies from Deepcut at the Deepcut Village Centre on Saturday 12th September.  Nearly 70 residents and businesses heard presentations from Michael Gove MP, DNF Committee members, Councillor Paul Deach and Studio Hive, (representing the developers and DIO) giving them an update on the development, its impact on Deepcut and why the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan was so important to ensure that Deepcut remains a place where we all want to live and work in.


It also provided the perfect opportunity to ask residents for their views in terms of what issues were important to them – and these views were collected via a feedback form.  If you were unable to attend but want your views taking into consideration – please fill in our on line feedback form below - thank you.

If you can also give up just a few hours a month to help the DNF in its work to create a Neighbourhood Plan, please also let us know on this form.  We really do need your help and support to make this Neighbourhood Plan happen.

Why is a Neighbourhood Plan important?

  • A Neighbourhood plan would mean that we would have important influence over future development in Deepcut.
  • It would help protect our green spaces, playing fields, allotments, woodland and recreational facilities.  
  • It would allow us all to have a say on future plans to build further housing on green field sites; the allocation of traveller sites and any other plans that could impact on all our lives.
  • The DNF Committee will update everyone on progress to date and what still needs to be done.
  • Local Councillors will reinforce the need for increased local community engagement.
  • Studio Hive, which is  managing the redevelopment of Princess Royal Barracks (PRB) for Skanska and will explain the impact this will have on the rest of the Deepcut Village.

Since the DNF was officially recognised by the Surrey Heath Borough Council and government bodies, the DNF Committee has been working tirelessly on your behalf.

Now the years of DNF Committee work needs to change to become a “Community Initiative”.

The Deepcut Neighbourhood Plan cannot continue without significant community involvement.

Do you agree with the DNF Committee that the mission is to secure approval for, and

implementation of, a Neighbourhood Plan that protects and enhances Deepcut’s landscape, its village character, and the residents’ quality of life?

We need your help.  A Neighbourhood Plan MUST reflect everyone’s view point.  Without your input, and help, we won’t be able to complete the Plan.


The DNF Committee represents your interests:

The DNF’s vision is to actively improve Deepcut while still retaining our rural village feel and its heath land, woodland and open spaces.  We want to build a vibrant and exciting community spirit with all of us playing an active part in protecting and enjoying, the village’s bio-diversity, wildlife, trees, flora and fauna. Do you support this Vision?

We believe that you want to keep Deepcut separate from the surrounding urban areas.  That you do NOT want to become part of the urban expansion of Camberley – which means protecting and safe-guarding our countryside. But we believe that you DO want to establish closer links with the major towns through the development of sustainable, environmentally friendly, walking and cycling networks and the provision of greater Public Transport.

We want Deepcut to be a great place to live and work – which means our Plan will look at ways to increase business opportunities within our community - including improved home working capabilities.

We want more local essential services including Medical, Educational, and Financial along with the provision of improved recreational and community facilities. In many of these cases this will involve close co-operation with those responsible for the redevelopment of the PRB site.


From The Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum


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